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In realising of each booking we have the team that consists of members who are masters of this work



We analyse desires of each customer individuality and make special offers according to each one's desire.

Exclusive Design

Exclusive Design

Everybody will admire these designs that are made accordung to taste of each customer.

What We Do

With international experience, knowledge and technology, we make your dreams come true, discovering in you the creative traits that exist within you.

Event Planning and Organisation

Offers a comprehensive bouquet of functions, including every detail of official and informal events, in event management services.

Design with Flowers

Arrangement of official and non-official event,presentation ceremonies,bouquets,presents and their decoration,making of.


Design of interiors with the principle of decorative garnitures with style vein and harmonious relationship of interiors accessories.


On the frame of daily format balcony arranges, flowers with individual pots, projects with decorative plants

Landscapes Design

Regardless of scale of service for each season of years prepared and processed within special format.


Offers a unique look of romance in both the interior and the exterior, the eye-catching visuals in the dark offer artworks

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